In the battle against climate change, forests can offer powerful solutions or deepen our problems.

With the rise of mass timber construction, building owners, developers, architects and engineers are faced with urgent questions:

  • How do we know if forestry is exacerbating or mitigating climate change?
  • How can we move toward more data-driven differentiation of forest product supply chains?
  • How do we get climate-smart wood into our construction projects?

The Climate Smart Wood Group

The Climate Smart Wood Group came together to address these questions by helping the building sector in North America procure climate-smart wood products.

When combined with conservation and restoration of the world’s most ecologically valuable and carbon-dense forests, climate-smart wood sourcing can fulfill the potential of forests as a natural climate solution while reducing and reversing emissions impacts.

The Climate Smart Wood Group is built on the premise that interest in better wood can create market incentives to improve the way forests are managed, leading to climate benefits.

Our coalition’s leadership

In North America, the Climate Smart Wood Group is unique in its focus on differentiating the climate values of forest management choices. Our goal is to recognize and reward forests managed to higher levels of environmental and social protection.

Consisting of environmental, scientific, green building, and forestry leaders, the Climate Smart Wood Group is working with urgency driven by the climate crisis.

The Climate Smart Wood Group leadership council consists of representatives from the following organizations:

We are here to help

From goal-setting to procurement, the Climate Smart Wood Group can support your project. For more information contact the Climate Smart Wood Group at