CSWG offers practical guidance for owners and project teams to navigate the procurement landscape and realize verifiable benefits from sourcing climate-smart wood.

CSWG has developed three options for CSW procurement that may be used individually or in combination, offering flexibility for projects with different goals and levels of aspiration and resources. The procurement options reflect CSWG’s current knowledge of methods to identify, source and validate CSW or otherwise support CSF; we expect to improve and augment them with time. Each option also includes a discussion of the importance or relevance of traceability and transparency.

In addition, essential decision support information has been developed so that projects and portfolios can:

  • Understand the current demands of verifiable embodied carbon accounting for wood products and not fall victim to generalized claims of neutrality
  • Understand the utility and limitations of LCA and EPD methodologies for wood products
  • Complete fully informed due diligence around forest carbon offset credits
  • Experiment with specification approaches to CSF and transparency and traceability