We are here to help

We believe the building sector needs easy choices to source transparent, traceable climate-smart mass timber and wood products as a powerful force in decarbonizing the built environment and achieving real benefits for climate change, nature and people.

Climate Smart Wood Group has built and continues to grow a leadership network of aligned organizations and technical expertise to provide consultative assistance on project- and portfolio-level objectives for climate-smart sourcing as well as integrating climate-smart wood principles and metrics within sustainability and embodied carbon decision support tools and systems.

Tapping into our network can help you:

  • Identify existing, trusted climate-smart forestry practitioners and wood supply chain partners across North America
  • Determine practical procurement options for climate-smart wood irrespective of project stage
  • Find architecture, engineering and construction firms with a demonstrated track record of experience in climate-smart sourcing
  • Assess the landscape of options for practice- or portfolio-wide commitments to transparent, traceable climate-smart wood

Contact the Climate Smart Wood Group at info@climatesmartwood.net for more information or a confidential consultation under our standard NDA.