Take a deep dive into trusted science about forestry, embodied carbon, and climate-smart wood in our Knowledge Hub

The Climate Smart Wood Group hosted a Leadership Summit for Climate, Wood and Forests in 2021. In preparation, educational resources were compiled into the Knowledge Hub. Here you will find a distillation of foundational resources and links to the larger associated libraries of information.

Video Presentations

Seeing the forest for the mass timber

Ecological Forest management

Climate-friendly forestry: 4 tests for durable wood products

Trees, forestry & carbon 101

There's mass timber in them there houses! Salvaged lumber moves up the value chain

Disclosure and Transparency Approaches to Wood Sourcing

How LCA handles wood

For more informative videos, visit the video library on climatesmartforestry.org


Level-Setting Presentations

Curated list of overview, forest ecology, certification, procurement and case studies, and measuring progress videos and presentations that offer a broad knowledge base about the many considerations surrounding climate-smart forestry and wood products.

For more information, visit the level-setting library on climatesmartforestry.org


Reading List

Annotated bibliography of key resources compiled by Washington Environmental Council (WEC), covering a range of topics including forest management, conservation & restoration, carbon markets, LCA & embodied carbon, Mass timber, policy, and procurement.

Visit the reading list on climatesmartforestry.org


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