The Climate Smart Wood Group is dedicated to helping the North American building industry procure wood products – including mass timber and other products – that are Climate Smart.

Our procurement technical team has developed tools and guidance to assist building sector leaders in sourcing climate-smart wood.

Guidance includes foundational steps for Traceability & Transparency in wood sourcing; best practice recommendations for success at each major Project Stage; and three Procurement Options alongside the critical supporting information that owners, designers and contractors need to deliver trustworthy, measurable climate-smart outcomes.

Procurement Guidance Development Team

Climate Smart Wood Group’s procurement guidance was developed by an interdisciplinary team of collaborators from leading organizations on climate, forests, green building and sustainable design.

Kion Nemati, Raphael Sperry, Lauren Wingo, Frances Yang

Scott Mooney

Stephanie Carlisle

Don Davies

Dr. David Diaz

Timothy Cooke, Johan Wijesinghe

Joe Mayo

Clark Brockman, Josh Cabot, Brendan Post

Micah Stanovsky

Blake Doepker, Jack Hunter, Jason Jones, Emi LaFountain, Lydia Liang, Aaron Olson, Steven Whitcraft

Rachel Baker

Jason Grant

Jacob Dunn

Technical Reviewers

Erik Barth / Gensler

Alex Zink / Miller Hull

Jennifer Shakun / New England Forestry Foundation

Marie de Guire / Nordic

Seth Zuckerman / Northwest Natural Resource Group

Dirk Kestner / Walter P Moore


We are here to help

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