Building sector leaders have multiple options for sourcing climate-smart wood

Procurement guidance builds on the Climate Smart Wood Group’s definition of climate-smart forestry, which increases forests’ ecological resilience in the face of climate change and sequesters and stores more carbon over time compared to conventional practices.

Five options to source climate-smart wood

Our procurement technical team has identified five options for procuring climate-smart wood:

  1. Recycled, reclaimed and salvaged wood
  2. Certified wood
  3. Credits from registered forest carbon projects
  4. Wood from climate-smart forestry operations
  5. Forest carbon stock approach

More details about each option above (and a wealth of additional information) are provided in the Climate Smart Wood Group’s procurement guidance document.

We are here to help

From goal-setting to procurement, the Climate Smart Wood Group can support your project. For more information contact the Climate Smart Wood Group Director, Aaron Everett.