Depending on the project schedule, procurement of the mass timber system typically occurs at the end of DD or early Construction Documents (CDs).

The continued development of CDs results in greater refinement of the design to clarify connection details and coordination with other scopes. Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire protection (MEPF) routing pathways should become clarified in greater detail to allow penetrations to be fabricated in the factory rather than cut in the field.

As the sourcing and manufacturing of the mass timber system is likely to have commenced by the CD phase, it is incumbent upon the project team to continue to engage with the suppliers to ensure traceability and transparency pathways are maintained.

While most of the critical decisions have already been made at this stage, project teams can try to work with their vendors and suppliers at any time to request transparency and traceability information that would help gain some understanding of the climate-smart attributes of the source material. Also, options for procuring CSW for nonstructural and interior elements may still exist going into CD.

Contact CSWG to investigate what opportunities might still exist.